2 years ago

Goal Tracking Struggles

GoalsBefore I actually started this blog, I wanted to learn a bit about blogging. Technically, I’ve been blogging since 2005 but only as a personal outlet. I have never blogged with the intention of connecting with people. One of the things I kept hearing was to pick a perspective to write from. Apparently, they say that there are three perspectives you can write from:

  • The guru- someone who has mastered something and can teach you to master it too
  • The sherpa- someone who has made it up the mountain before and could do it again
  • The struggle- someone who is just sharing their journey

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2 years ago

Dry Brushing

IMG_20151019_162626127I’ve mentioned before that I am looking for ways to cut out toxins from my body and to remove the toxins I can’t cut out. I’m also interested in making sure that my circulation is healthy. I spend more time sitting and working on things than I would like. More exercise would be the obvious answer but during this period where I don’t have that option, I’m looking for other solutions. Something I came across and have been enjoying is dry brushing.

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2 years ago

Project Based Planning

IMG_20151015_175551594_HDRI have a problem with most planners because they are either time based or, in my opinion, glorified to-do lists. Those kinds of planners work for some people so I’m not trying to knock them, but they are useless for me. I just have no use for time based planners because I’m not the type to have tons of appointments and I don’t have children. The other types of planners just seem like busy work to me. Even back in high school I wouldn’t do something if it felt like busy work. I made quite a few teachers mad. Keep reading “Project Based Planning”

2 years ago

My Morning Ritual

In my last post, I promised to explain my thought process for choosing each step in my morning ritual.

Thank God For Another Day

I have such a hard time with gratitude. I know that I have so much to be grateful for, but I have a really hard time feeling it. I’m hoping that by acknowledging this one thing every day it will help break down that block. Keep reading “My Morning Ritual”

2 years ago

Create A Morning Ritual

SunriseI have a very hard time getting started in the morning (or the afternoon for some). Getting my mind into working mode takes longer than I would like.

As I mentioned in my introductory post, I believe in rituals. Rituals are a way to give your mind a rest or to get you mind in the mode that it needs to be. Because of that, I think a morning ritual may be the most important ritual you can have.

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