2 years ago

Switching To Natural Deodorant

natural deodorantAbout a year ago, I came to the conclusion that standard deodorants¬†combined with bras were contributing factors to breast cancer. There aren’t any studies that I could find to support this theory but it makes too much sense to me to ignore it. The main ingredient in deodorants¬†is aluminum and you often found other ingredients like phthalates and parabens in them as well which are hormone disruptors and might cause cancer. We know that everything that you put on your skin gets absorbed into the body. Then you have bras which compress the lymphatic system, making it that much harder for your body to remove those ingredients. So, rather than waiting for studies to confirm this, I decided to avoid wearing bras whenever possible and to switch to a natural deodorant.¬† Keep reading “Switching To Natural Deodorant”