6 Reasons You Should Have Indoor Plants

IMG_20140614_020831I’m a big believer in having indoor plants. I think that a home should have as many indoor plants as you can handle. Pictured here is the first indoor I got for myself, a peace lily I named Liliana. Yes, I name my plants and I don’t care that a peace lily named Liliana is kind of redundant. I only have 4 plants currently but I hope to have quite a few in the future. I’m always fascinated by pictures of homes that have so many plants that they look like indoor jungles. I’m not sure that I could keep up with all of the watering though. I also afraid of spiders hiding in them. I’m not just some random plant lover though. There are reasons that I believe that you should keep plants around.

1. Plants help to reconnect you to nature.
Most of us spend the majority of our time inside surrounded by electronics. We are always go go go. We rarely take the time to just breathe. All of this is unnatural and leads to stress. Spending time around plants and taking care of them seems to naturally relax the body. I’ve also heard that plants absorb some of the electromagnetic waves that all of our technology creates. I couldn’t find any studies on that though. Might be something to research if you are interested.

2. They act as air filters.
Plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air. They also remove contaminants and allergens from the air. My parents live in Washington. I was flabbergasted when I went to visit them that they had no plants in the house at all. They used to have quite a few. Later, when practically the whole state was on fire, they had a difficult time with all of the smoke that was in the air. I couldn’t help but wonder if having some plants in the house would have helped.

3. Some of them can actually detox your home.
The materials used to build our homes sometimes have harmful chemicals in or on them. VOCs and formaldehyde are the two chemicals I hear about the most and they can be found in paint and flooring materials. Some indoor plants can seriously improve the health of our environments.

4. They lower blood pressure.
I have no idea how it works as I couldn’t find an explanation. I personally believe it goes back to reconnecting with nature. Regardless, it has been proven that plants lower blood pressure.

5. They look good.
Plants are the easiest way to decorate.They are probably the cheapest too. Improve your health and make your house look good, what more would you want.

6. Some can be useful.
Plants don’t just have to look good. They can be used in your daily life. Growing indoor herb gardens can improve your cooking, both in taste and in health. Plants such as the aloe vera plant can be used to treat cuts and burns as well as improving digestion. Be careful and do your research though. I’ve heard that there is a kind of aloe vera that is dangerous to ingest. There are other plants that can used for healing and if you were so inclined, you could even make your own essential oils.

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