About Me

Hello everybody! Thanks for joining me.

My name is Nohemi. I am a feminine, creative, shy, introverted, night person. So basically, I am everything that this society says is wrong. I grew up in a traditional family that has typical beliefs about how life is supposed to be lived. You graduate high school, go to college, college guarantees a good job, get married in your 20s, and have children soon after.

Here I am at 29 years old as of 2015 and I have none of that. I’ve spent the past 10 decade doing things the way you are supposed to do them. I graduated high school and went to college. That’s where it stopped for me. It didn’t just stop, it crashed and burned. The economy tanked and I was unemployed for 5 years. College didn’t guarantee me a good job, actually quite the opposite. Going to college has worked against me by not giving me enough real world skills and preventing me from getting valuable experience. Even now I’m having trouble with the job market because I don’t have much job experience and my college experience hasn’t counted for anything. Doing things the “right” way has only led to one disaster after another and I have nothing to show for it.

After my crash and burn, I started journaling. I credit God and journaling for being able to heal from that and many other negative and even abusive experiences. I even have healed from many of the lessons I had been taught about how you are supposed to do things. At this point, I firmly believe that the “right” way isn’t the only way. So now I’m determined to create a life that works for me. I would rather spend my life doing things my way than failing at doing things someone else’s way.

So now it’s time to grow. I believe that the two biggest decisions I’ve made that lead to healing was deciding to reclaim my femininity and sensuality and to focus very heavily on living intentionally. I’m working on creating a journaling practice and I am interested in more ritualized living. I plan to share what I learn here and hope it will help someone.