Dry Brushing

IMG_20151019_162626127I’ve mentioned before that I am looking for ways to cut out toxins from my body and to remove the toxins I can’t cut out. I’m also interested in making sure that my circulation is healthy. I spend more time sitting and working on things than I would like. More exercise would be the obvious answer but during this period where I don’t have that option, I’m looking for other solutions. Something I came across and have been enjoying is dry brushing.

Dry brushing is an ancient practice that exfoliates the skin, increases circulation, and boosts the lymphatic system. There are a lot of different techniques out there so I went with the one I saw the most.

First and foremost, only do this with a brush that has natural bristles. Synthetic bristles shred the surface of your skin. Also, do this standing in the shower. It will brush dead skin cells off and you don’t want that building up in your bath mat.

I use two brushes, one is a big long-handled brush that is for the majority of my body and the other is small and just for my breasts. I’ve decided that I need to find another that is a different shape for my pubic area. That’s an important area and these wider brushes aren’t cutting it. But until then here’s what I do.

  1. Using the long-handled brush I brush circles on the soles of my feet.
  2. Then I brush from my ankle all the way to my hip in a single stroke. You are supposed to use long stokes going towards the heart. I do that all around each leg. I try not to overlap because I think that makes my skin too sensitive.
  3. I do the same thing on my arms from my palm to shoulder.
  4. On my stomach, I use long strokes going up from hip to under the breast on the right side and down from under the breast to hip on the left side. This is thought to improve digestion. I have found it to be beneficial.
  5. For my back, I have found it to work best to use down strokes from shoulder to hip all the way across the back. Up strokes feel wrong so I listen to my body and don’t do them here.
  6. Then I switch to the small brush. Using the small brush I do circular strokes as I make a straight line from the areola until I get past the breast tissue. I do that all of the way around each breast. On the outside I do the circular strokes into the armpit.
  7. Then I brush from the center of my chest around the top of the breast into my armpit. I do the same underneath the breast. The idea behind this is to push any toxins that were released from the breast into the armpit where the lymphatic system is. The lymphatic system then removes the waste.
  8. Then I do short down strokes in each armpit.

It looks like a lot but it only takes a couple of minutes, if that. Once I’m done then I take a shower and moisturize. Currently I use a natural lotion but once I’ve used that up I’m going to switch to a mixture of coconut oil and essential oils. I haven’t picked which essential oils I want to use yet.

I have to be completely honest and mention that I have no proof that this really does remove toxins. I’m not working with a doctor or anything so I can’t test it. I do know that my skins looks better since I started doing this. My circulation is better too. This will be TMI for some of you but if you are a woman, a good way to keep track of your circulation is to check your period blood. The best way to do this is to switch to menstrual cups and then you can simply look at it before getting rid of it. The redder and more liquid it is, the better your circulation is. If it is dark and clotted then your circulation is slow. I don’t know how you can check it if you are a man. Dry brushing also increases my energy. It’s invigorating. So it may or may not be doing everything I’m hoping for, it sure is doing plenty.

***Bonus Tip*** If you want to take it a step further then after you shower you can alternate between warm and cold water to boost circulation even more. I do not have the wherewithal for cold showers so I avoid this.

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