My New “New Year Ritual”

My apologies everyone! I’ve been MIA for the past few weeks because I’ve been sick. It’s fun stuff to spend Christmas and New Years in bed. The pressure in my head from the sinus infection alone was enough to put me down, but I also had a sore throat and a fever to contend with. Attempting to write anything quite possibly would have made my head explode. 

Besides spending the holidays in bed, the big downside of being sick during that time is not being able to prepare for the new year. I wanted to come up with a yearly ritual that I can do to close out the previous year and prepare for the new year but my brain wasn’t working.

Well, I might be late but now that I can function again, I’m working on coming up with a ritual. For the past few years, I have chosen a “Guiding Word of the Year”. This year is no different. I have chosen the word Focus. This past year has taught me that this isn’t enough though. I need to also evaluate the previous year and make some kind of plan for the new year.

Fortunately, the internet is full of people sharing how they think that you should start the year so I have had plenty of inspiration. I’ve tried a few things that I came across but nothing that I really connected to. Then I saw one of Chalene Johnson’s periscopes. She has a whole system and workbook that you can get here. I connected with Step 1 and went my own direction from there.

So here is what I came up with.

Step 1

Chalene Johnson’s workbook has 10 life categories and you give yourself a score 1-10 for each category. So I wrote down each category and gave myself a score. I went with my gut for each score instead of thinking about it too hard.

Step 2

I evaluated each score and I wrote out why I chose each score that I did and what I thought I could do to improve in each category.

Step 3

I decided that the next step had to be coming up with one to three goals for each category that will help to increase my score. I have a tendency to want everything right now so I try to do too much at once. I always end up crashing and burning. So I’m learning how to do things step by step instead of by leaps and bounds.

Step 4

When I was looking at steps 1-3 completed, I knew that I would need a visual representation of those scores and a way to track my progress. I tried a bar chart style system but hated it. I realized that the categories reminded me of a picture I saw in one of the Facebook planner groups I’m in that had a circular tracker. I respond well to circles (that’s why I use the Spiraldex), so I went searching and found the picture’s owner and her recent blog post about it. You can see an updated version of the picture and read the post over at Boho Berry.

Here is my version so far:


I believe this kind of chart is called a polar chart. It was perfect. On one page I have the chart, colored in based on the scores I gave myself. On the other page I listed all of the categories and the goals I chose for each. Once I achieve any of the goals, if it improves my score, I can color in another segment of the polar chart. It is obviously not complete. The page on the left is clearly not being used to its full potential at the moment but I haven’t decided what else should be on it. I also don’t feel like my goals are complete. Obviously, I’m a bit stuck on spirituality but I also feel like I’m missing something in a couple of other categories. I also need to put a time limit on each goal.

There are some things that I will definitely change for the future. Currently, steps 1 & 2 are in a spare notebook and steps 3 & 4 are in my planner. I don’t like that they are in separate notebooks and I don’t like having it in my planner. I’ve decided that for 2017 and beyond, I will get a separate notebook that is dedicated to this New Year ritual. It will be a great way for me to go back and see my progress.

Something I discovered after doing all of this was Susannah Conway’s Unraveling The Year Ahead Workbook. I’m only part way through it but it has already changed my perspective on some things. I can’t help but wonder if I would have seen things differently if I had gone through this workbook before giving myself scores and setting up my goals. So, if Susannah does this workbook in the future, I will make completing the workbook part of my New Year ritual and will do it first before I do the rest.

What are your New Years rituals or routines?


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