My Top 5 Favorite YouTubers

I thought it might be fun to share some of the Youtubers I follow and find inspiring. There are many more and I might do a post about all of the Youtubers I follow if anyone is interested. These are some of my favorites though. 

Alexis a.k.a. Miss Trenchcoat

I came across Alexis’ channel while searching for planner inspiration. I made my first planner a couple of years ago and very quickly overcomplicated it and stopped using it. So I began experimenting with other formats but since I couldn’t find any I liked, I turned to Youtube for inspiration and found Alexis. Even though I found her through her planner videos, what makes her one of my favorite Youtubers are her business and productivity videos. Her productivity videos really got me exploring productivity and how it might be different for creatives and night people. Her business videos are full of great advice for people like myself who are looking to start their own businesses someday.


I came across Aileen’s channel when I started looking into minimalism. I am by no means a minimalist nor do I want to be but I am interested in living more minimally because I have a real problem with clutter. I fell for her channel because on top of giving advice to live minimally, she also speaks about living naturally and intentionally. She seems to have a very positive attitude and sweet demeanor which I am drawn to.

Adina Rivers

I am a firm believer that creative energy and sexual energy come from the same place. I believe that most people, including myself, have stagnant sexual energy and that leads to blocks in other areas of life, especially with creativity. I am learning how to get that sexual energy flowing again and came across Adina’s channel in the process. She has a very positive attitude about sex. Her videos are very cute and kind of ridiculous in a good way. She brings humor and fun to sex education which, let’s be honest, is still almost unheard of. It isn’t the kind of education that you would get in school though. It is based in Taoism so it can be a bit out there sometimes but it is much more accessible than some of the others I’ve come across. I don’t subscribe to everything she talks about but I do enjoy learning about different sexual philosophies.

Carie Harling

Carie Harling is the mother of 7 boys and because of that, has one of the most organized planning systems that I have come across. I am absolutely impressed that she can so easily change her planner from a traveler’s notebook to a filofax and back or change the size of her planner without missing a step. Coming up with a system that solid is something I would like.

Vicky Papaioannou

Vicky is an incredibly creative and talented art journaler and card maker. I particularly like her art journal videos. As an aspiring journaling coach, I am interested in learning about all kinds of journaling styles. I don’t really have any craft supplies so I haven’t figured out how to experiment with it myself so I have been journaling vicariously through Vicky’s videos.

I hope that my sharing gives you some new channels to check out.


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