1 year ago

Secondary Creative Expressions

IMG_20160216_171252395_HDRI’m a firm believer that every single person on this earth has a primary creative expression. Not all of them are what is traditionally considered creative but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t. I’m also a firm believer that having a secondary creative expression is vital, especially for us creatives. We often find ourselves blocked and unable to use our primary creative expression the way that we need to, so we need a secondary creative expression to help us unblock.  Keep reading “Secondary Creative Expressions”

2 years ago

The Dreaded Writer’s Block

I am currently suffering from writer’s block. For me, having writer’s block means that everything else grinds to a halt. Writing is not just a form of expression for me, it’s how I stay sane. Writing helps me to sort out my thoughts and clear my mind. When my thoughts get too jumbled, I become incapable of being productive. Since, I am currently out of commission I thought I would share some of the websites I think have some helpful techniques for addressing writer’s block. Keep reading “The Dreaded Writer’s Block”