The Dreaded Writer’s Block

I am currently suffering from writer’s block. For me, having writer’s block means that everything else grinds to a halt. Writing is not just a form of expression for me, it’s how I stay sane. Writing helps me to sort out my thoughts and clear my mind. When my thoughts get too jumbled, I become incapable of being productive. Since, I am currently out of commission I thought I would share some of the websites I think have some helpful techniques for addressing writer’s block.

5 Creative Cures for Writers Block

How To Overcome Writers Block

10 Snazzy Ways To Cure Writer’s Block

Language Is a Virus

7 Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block

10 Ways To Combat Writer’s Block

I’ve gone through plenty more websites but at some point, they all seem to say the same things. These are the websites I’ve found that have some unusual ideas.

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