Welcome To Moonflower Living

I want to do kind of an introduction post to this blog. You can read the About Me page and the What’s In A Name page to read my goals for this blog and why I started it. In this post, I thought I’d tell you some of the topics I’m going to be talking about so that you know what you can expect from me.



In my opinion, the most difficult part about being a moon flower is being productive. Generally we learn productivity from school or from your job. Both of these have built in systems based on being a morning person and being left-brained. Neither of which work for moon flowers since we are night people and tend to be more right-brained. I’ve looked for advice and am trying different things to find what works for me. I’d like to share what I find and what I come up.


Self-care is super important for everybody but introverts and creatives seem to have different needs than most. I firmly believe in rituals and am working on creating my own. I used to avoid rituals because I looked at them as routines and I can’t stand routine. I get bored and frustrated with routines, especially if they are imposed on me by someone else. Now I realize that the creative mind needs little rituals to allow it to relax. I believe in healing the wounds our sexuality have suffered as sexual energy and creative energy are completely intertwined. I also believe that journaling and other forms of creative expression are a required part of self-care.

Book Reviews Or Suggestions

Since we live in a world that does not cater or even respect moon flowers, we have to pave our own way. The best way I can think to do this is through entrepreneurship. I have a whole list of books that I want to read about it. I am also interested in simple living books, poetry books, journaling books, and fiction (need some simple pleasures too).


Any time you do something online or in other media, good photos are a requirement. They add to the visual appeal of a page and break up the text, which is especially important on a computer screen. I know that if I want this blog to be appealing, good photography is a must. I need to learn how to build a good photography setup, how to use my camera effectively, and how to design a good photograph, not to mention take an updated picture of myself. I’m a bit stuck on what I would like to photograph for this blog. Most people seem to photograph their desks, their tech, and their accessories. My stuff isn’t very pretty at the moment (I’m working on that) so they won’t make the nicest photographs. So I guess I’ll have to get creative. I’ll be sure to share everything I learn.

Personal Updates

Of course, I have to include these. I am taking this journey right along with you. I plan to have successes to share that will motivate and inspire anyone who may be questioning whether to start this journey or not.

This blog is a work in progress so I’m sure I’ll find other topics to address as time goes on.

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